Goop! – A Homemade Pan Release

Homemade Baking Release

If you’re a baker, you’ll understand the importance of greasing your pans properly so your cakes and the like all release from the pan effortlessly, no fuss no muss! I’m sure we’ve all tried it all – butter, flour, oil,  baking sprays, cake release, the list goes on. But if you haven’t tried goop before, I’m about to change your life!

Homemade Baking Release


Life changing is a big promise I know, but I’m not overstating things here! I think it’s important right off the bat to say I do not take a single ounce of credit for this wonderful invention – I don’t think anybody knows who was the first to come up with this wonderful stuff, I think it’s probably as old as baking itself! But despite the fact it’s an age old recipe, it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to make and it’s the most effective pan release out there – there’s still so many people who don’t use it or know about it!

Homemade Baking Release


If you’re already an avid user of this amazing homemade pan release then this post isn’t for you (but feel free to continue reading and leave your thoughts on how this lovely goop works in the comments below), but if it’s foreign to you then please keep on reading! This homemade pan release is the best pan release I have ever used, and I’ve tried the fanciest of store bought stuff! It’s so good I am dedicating a whole post to it! I have never had one single problem with getting cakes and other baked goods out of pans with this. Not only that it, it’s cheap to make, it keeps well and it’s easy to use! 

Homemade Baking Release

All you need is equal parts oil, flour and vegetable fat (i.e. shortening, trex, crisco – any of those as long as it’s 100% vegetable fat), mix it all together and you’re done! Then you just store it in the fridge and break it out whenever you’re baking,  you just dip your pastry brush in and coat your pans nice and thickly in it and you’re good to go. You can also switch out 1/4 of the flour for cocoa powder to make a pan release for chocolate cakes, this stops you from seeing any visible remnants of the release (it won’t affect the taste or texture of the final product, but it won’t be the best look if you can see it)

Homemade Baking Release

You can use this goop for all kinds of thing in the kitchen too, use it to coat your casserole dish, lasagne dish or crockpot to stop food sticking. I use it to coat bowls that I’m proving dough in, or even to roll dough out onto if i don’t want to add extra flour! Am I starting to sound like I’m in an infomercial yet? But wait, there’s more! 

Homemade Baking Release

 Your homemade pan release will keep in the fridge almost indefinitely as long as it’s kept clean in an airtight container with no contamination. The recipe below makes enough to last me about 6 months, bearing in mind I bake a lot!  

So if you’ve not been introduced to this wonderful baking release before, now is the time to try it! It’s quick, cheap and easy so you’ve got nothing to lose! 

This baking release is suitable for vegans, but it is not gluten free. I’ve not heard of it being made with a gluten free flour but if you have tried it please do let me know your results in the comments! 

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Goop - Homemade Pan Release
A homemade pan release that is quick, cheap and easy to make! And super effective!
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  1. 1 cup flour
  2. 1 cup oil (any flavourless oil will work, I use vegetable)
  3. 1 cup vegetable fat (e.g. shortening, trex or crisco)
  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until smooth and creamy
  2. Pour into airtight container and store in fridge
  3. To use: Dip pastry brush in the goop and generously coat your pan
  1. Store in fridge in airtight container
  2. Swap out 1/4 of the flour for cocoa powder to make a chocolate pan release spray suitable for darker bakes such as chocolate cake
  3. You can halve or double the recipe to suit your needs
Adapted from Many, many bakers
Adapted from Many, many bakers
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    • Michelle @ A Tipsy Giraffe says:

      Technically yes, but I haven’t tried it myself. The problem with butter is it has less fat so may be a little less effective than shortening/crisco. It also won’t last as long as butter turns quite quickly – if using butter, I wouldn’t keep it longer than 2 weeks.

      If you give it a try with butter though, do let me know how it works 🙂

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