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Best Lemon Curd

Zesty, tart and silky smooth lemon curd – easy to make with a secret ingredient that takes it above the rest! Perfect to spread on toast or step up a dessert. 

Best Lemon Curd by Giraffes Can Bake - tart, flavourful lemon curd that is silky smooth. It's so easy to make, you'll never go back to store bought again!

Today is the UK’s general election, well technically it’ll be yesterday by the time I post this but let’s not get picky! I voted this morning, I would say I feel happy and proud to take part in democracy but mostly I’m just stressed and anxious! With the way the country is these days and the governments we’re offered, it doesn’t really feel like any vote is the right vote! But I have had my say and I just hope I don’t regret my decision. If a certain party get elected though I may very well move to France and live off pastries – sounds like a good plan whoever gets elected actually! I’m probably going to stay up and watch the results come in, I’ll be doing some live tweeting on my personal no doubt so just be glad you don’t follow that (if you want to feel free to ask, but I’ll warn you now – non baking me has some pretty strong, rambly opinions haha!) 

Best Lemon Curd by Giraffes Can Bake


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