Overloaded Easter Rocky Road Brownies

Super fudgy, gooey brownies chock full of Easter candy. The perfect treat for Easter or to use up leftover Easter candy! 

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Easter Rocky Road Brownies

Easter sneaked up on me this year, it always does when we have it early! I know the date of Easter is decided by the equinox (I think?) but I do wish it was the same date every year, because I just get confused! So I was a bit late baking something for Easter to share with you guys, but there’s still a week to go and plenty of time for you to bake up these amazing brownies! Or, if you have your Easter baking planned, take advantage of all the discounted Easter chocolate on April 7th and bake these after! Either way, everybody is gonna love them!

Easter Rocky Road Brownies


Fun Easter fact: I was born on Easter Saturday! Okay that’s not really that fun of a fact, but a fact nonetheless! This year my birthday falls exactly a week before Easter – March 29th. Only a couple of days to go, woo! Actually, I’m not particularly excited – I’ve never been big on birthdays and the big 3-0 is looming, I still have another year to worry about that, but 29 is still bumming me out! But I am excited to share some birthday treats with you this weekend. The plan is to share something on Saturday and Sunday, but I haven’t actually baked one of them yet so I can’t 100% promise it’ll happen – but the plan is to bake it today so fingers crossed!

Easter Rocky Road Brownies

Anyway, enough about my birthday for now, today is about these decadent brownies! I bought a 1lb bag of Mini Eggs and was trying to decide what to do with them, I had a few ideas but then I remembered Dini @ Giramuk’s Kitchen’s Fully Loaded Rocky Road Brownies and the idea of creating an Easter candy* version of them just sounded too yummy to pass up . I used my own brownie recipe with a few adaptations to make them even fudgier and richer, but I used Dini’s ganache topping idea and recipe (with adapted amounts since my brownie recipe makes a 9 x 13 pan) and then obviously I used Easter themed fillings. I also added raspberry jam like Dini because that sounded too damn amazing not to do, and I was right! I’m gonna make brownies where raspberries are the star at some point, because the combination is so good!

*Confession – I’m obviously British but I like to use Americanisms of certain things for posts because I just like the sound of it better. That might be considered treason by some but I’m just a rebel I guess πŸ˜‰

Easter Rocky Road Brownies

The great thing about these brownies is they’re super adaptable, you can throw in whatever you have on hand and whatever your favourites are – and you can make them Easter themed, Christmas, whatever! For mine I used toasted walnuts with mini creme eggs, mini lindor eggs and mini eggs in the actual brownies. Then Easter Haribo, mini creme eggs, mini lindor eggs, mini marshmallows and broken up pieces of kinder egg in the ganache topping! And I love the combination of all those flavours and textures – creamy chocolate, gooey marshmallow, chewy haribo and crunchy nuts and mini eggs! These really are overloaded but it all works so well! 

Easter Rocky Road Brownies

I love my brownies when they’re all warm and gooey, but to make them easier and less messy to cut up it’s best to leave them overnight to set properly. Then I just zap one in the microwave for 15 seconds before I eat them for instant gooey goodness! They’re still super scrummy when they’re not warm and melty of course, it’s all just a matter of preference! As you may be able to tell in these photos, I over microwaved a few of them – it made for an amazing, extra gooey brownie (almost like a brownie pudding) but wasn’t so great for photos! Although, personally, I still wanna lick the screen when I see them!

Easter Rocky Road Brownies

The brownies are, as you’d imagine, really rich and filling but I could totally eat the entire pan in a day or two given the chance, they’re just too good not to. Which is why the majority of these are being sent off to my mum’s work colleagues today – it’s hard to part with them, but I think my body will thank me! Like I said earlier, this recipe makes a 9 x 13″ pan, but if you’d like to limit the amount of delicious, calorific, sugar filled brownies in your kitchen then check out Dini’s recipe (linked above) because hers make an 8×8 pan, she used her own brownie recipe of course but it looks amazing so you can’t go wrong with either one! You can, of course, use your favourite boxed brownie mix if you like but honestly, brownies are so easy to make from scratch and the results are so good (you don’t even need a stand mixer, just a bowl and a wooden spoon!) 

Easter Rocky Road Brownies


(unrelated note: these are my first photos I’m sharing with you that I edited using photoshop, I’m still learning how to use it but what do you think so far? Any tips?)

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it, and a lovely long weekend if not (if you live in a part of the world where Easter is a national holiday anyway!). Here in the UK, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are all national holidays, but I believe in the US Good Friday isn’t? I will be working over the Easter weekend but I do get time and a half πŸ™‚ What will you guys be up to for the Easter weekend?

Easter Rocky Road Brownies

I’m going to bring these amazing Easter Rocky Road Brownies along to Fiesta Friday this week, I hope the party goers are in the mood for some chocolatey goodness this week! A big shout out to Angie for always being our wonderful, gracious host! And, of course, big love to this weeks co- hosts – the lovely Selma and Margy. Also, I’d just like to apologise for my spotty attendance at last week’s party, I’ve been a bit under the weather and fell very behind! 

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Overloaded Easter Rocky Road Brownies - fudgey, gooey and chock full of Easter Candy  | Giraffes Can Bake

Easter Rocky Road Brownies
Super fudgy, gooey brownies chock full of Easter candy - the perfect Easter treat or a great way to use up left over Easter chocolate!
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For the brownies
  1. 225g unsalted butter
  2. 200g dark chocolate, chopped
  3. 100g caster sugar (super fine granulated sugar)
  4. 100g cocoa powder, sifted
  5. 1/2 tsp salt
  6. 1 tsp baking powder
  7. 200g plain flour (all purpose)
  8. 250g brown sugar
  9. 4 large eggs
  10. 1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
  11. 65g toasted walnuts
  12. 200g mini eggs
  13. 100g mini creme eggs
  14. 50g mini lindor eggs
  15. 175g raspberry jam
For the ganache topping
  1. 400g dark chocolate, finely chopped
  2. 220ml double cream (heavy)
  3. 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
  4. 1/2 cup Easter Haribo
  5. 1 cup Easter eggs (I used mix of mini creme eggs, mini lindor eggs and kinder egg)
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C/305F. Grease a 9x13" pan and line with parchment paper or foil, leaving overhang at the sides for easy brownie removal.
  2. Melt the butter, chocolate and caster sugar together in a double boiler or in the microwave (in 30 second intervals). Set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Sift to cocoa into a large bowl, whisk in baking powder, salt and flour. Set aside.
  4. Add the slightly cooled chocolate mixture to a mixing bowl, beat in the eggs and brown sugar with a wooden spoon. Stir in vanilla extract.
  5. Add the cocoa mixture and beat to combine.
  6. Stir in mini eggs, mini creme eggs and walnuts.
  7. Pour batter into prepared brownie pan and spread out evenly. Spoon dollops of jam all over the top, then swirl into the batter using the same spoon.
  8. Bake for 40 minutes, or until done (if you can find a spot without melted chocolate eggs, a skewer should come out with moist crumbs on, but no raw batter)
  9. While the brownies are baking, make the ganache: Put the chopped chocolate in a large heatproof bowl and have the Easter candy ingredients ready to go. Pour the cream into a small saucepan and heat on medium until it's just about to boil (bubbles will be forming all around the edge). Pour the creams over the chopped chocolate and leave to stand for 15 seconds. Then whisk until all chocolate is melted and you have a smooth consistency.
  10. Add the candy ingredients straight away and stir to combine and disperse. Set aside while the brownies finish baking.
  11. Remove brownies from oven and place pan on wire rack, let cool for 5 minutes. Then spoon the ganache mixture over the warm brownies and spread out to an even layer (if your ganache layer has hardened at all, just re melt on the double boiler or in microwave).
  12. Leave the brownies in a cool, dry place to set - preferably overnight. Then cut into squares.
  13. For the ultimate gooey brownie, microwave for about 15 seconds before eating πŸ™‚
  1. You can buy ready toasted walnuts or easily toast your own - spread on a baking tray and toast in oven preheated to 180C/350F for 10 minutes.
  2. Rocky Road additions can be changed according to your preferences and availability!
  3. You can use milk, dark or white chocolate for the ganache layer - milk or white chocolate will obviously make for a sweeter topping
  4. Store in an airtight container for 3-5 days
A Tipsy Giraffe https://www.atipsygiraffe.com/

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  1. Jhuls says:

    Actual eggs, chocolate eggs – thai recipe sounds like the perfect brownie recipe for someone who loves eggs and brownies. πŸ˜€ You know you have to save some for me, Michelle. πŸ˜€

  2. Dini @ Giramuk's Kitchen says:

    Wow!! that looks AWESOME!! I love how you added the mini eggs… it just looks insane! I’m so glad that you used the Raspberry in it πŸ™‚ It makes for an extra fudgy and yummy brownie right?
    Now I’m going to have to make those brownies again using the mini easter eggs!

    • Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake says:

      It really does, I wasn’t originally planning to add the raspberry because I didn’t have any but then I was at the supermarket and saw some amazing looking raspberry conserve and figured it was fate!
      Haha oh darn, what a shame to have to have these brownies again πŸ˜‰

      Thanks Dini x

  3. Kaila (GF Life 24/7) says:

    Ah, these are overloaded with tastiness. They look amazing! My cousin was actually born on Thanksgiving (another holiday where the date changes each year), but we celebrate his birthday on Thanksgiving, rather than the actually date that he was born. Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life says:

    Michelle, these look amazing!! I love them for Easter, but I could eat them for an afternoon snack right now…it’s close enough to afternoon, isn’t it? Spreading some foodie love around for you…and sharing them to my Facebook page right now!

  5. Selma | Selma's Table says:

    Wow Michelle!! This could qualify for death by chocolate – was there ever a sweeter one?! Love that you have used so much easter candy* in it – works brilliantly! Your photos are amazing too – whatever you are doing is working really well. Thanks for sharing this with the Fiesta Friday crowd – Happy Fiesta Friday!

  6. Julianna says:

    Yowser! These are completely over-the-top, Michelle! You need to come up with a new word for your “brownies”! That name doesn’t cut it any more! πŸ˜€

  7. Suzanne says:

    Love those brownies Michelle, they look so moist and chocolatey and the little bit of color and the various Easter candy makes these so special for the holiday.

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