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Mulberry Bramble Cocktail

The Mulberry Bramble Cocktail is full of amazing flavours and stunning colours. Made with mulberry gin, lemon juice, and blackberry liqueur, it’s really easy to mix, making it the perfect cocktail to serve at any occasion. It is fully of early autumn flavours, but can be enjoyed any time of year.

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The Mulberry Bramble Cocktail - a photo of the finished cocktail at a front on angle, with a small bottle of mulberry gin next to it

Mulberries are something that have always intrigued me. When we were little we would sing about dancing around a mulberry bush on a “cold and frosty morning”. In the myth of Pyramus and Thisbé, they meet (and later die) under a mulberry tree and that’s where the berries get their colour from (to memorialize their forbidden love or something vindictive and weird like that). So, do they grow on a bush that you dance around, or a tree that you have a violent death under? Who knows! (Probably botanists and people who can be bothered to use google). All I know is that I’d never actually tasted this sweet berry or seen them in real life. So my interest was piqued when I came across Mulberry Gin during a visit to Coughton Court (a National Trust site). I decided to snap up a small  bottle, despite being on a self-imposed ban on  buying any spirits or liqueurs for a month! Totally worth it, because this Mulberry Bramble Cocktail was born from it – and there ain’t nothing wrong with his baby!

The Mulberry Bramble Cocktail - a photo of the finished cocktail at a slight top angle, a bowl of blackberries in the background

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