Rose Vodka & Tonic

This Rose Vodka Tonic is a delicious upgrade on the classic Vodka Tonic mixed drink! With Rose Liqueur, it’s delicately floral and perfect for bridal and baby showers, brunch, and Mother’s Day! This easy mixed drink is one of my favourite vodka tonic recipe variations, and is so easy to make. This amazing Rose Vodka Tonic cocktail is to celebrate an even more amazing blogger, Meghan from Fox and Briar, and the birth of her beautiful baby boy! Welcome to Fox and Briar’s Virtual Baby Shower!

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If you haven’t discovered Meghan’s blog yet, stop what you’re doing and head over now – if you love good food that is easy to make (who doesn’t?!), Fox and Briar is the blog for you! From tacos, to breakfast, to cocktails, to desserts, and more! Today, some amazing bloggers and I are celebrating Meghan and the birth of her baby boy (make sure you check out the other’s bloggers recipe at the end of this post) with a Virtual Baby Shower Brunch! Since we can’t throw her one in person, and we really wanted mark this wonderful occasion, a Virtual Baby Shower seemed like the next best thing. As a food blogger, and a woman, I am so grateful to have these wonderful ladies in my life to support me and and lift me up (in both blog life and the rest of my life) – I honestly couldn’t do this blogging thing without them! So, when one of our own brings a new life into the world, we have to celebrate together!

Congratulations Meghan and Mr Briar, you’re going to make the best parents, and we sure know this little bundle of cuteness is going to be fed very well!

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For Fox and Briar’s Virtual Baby Shower Brunch I went with what I know best, cocktails! Because what is a brunch without a cocktail?! And what better way to celebrate giving birth than finally having a drop of booze! So I made a very pretty in pink Ro0se Vodka Tonic, it’s girly, floral, and oh-so-delicious – and I’m excited to raise a glass of this Rose Vodka Tonic to toast Meghan’s beautiful baby boy and her journey into motherhood!

Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - pink cocktail in rocks glass surrounded by pink roses

Fancy cocktails with varying special ingredients are wonderful, they’re a great way to play with flavours and really take an event to the next level, but sometimes the simplicity of a mixed drink is all you need, and with this vodka tonic recipe variation it will feel just as fancy as any cocktail. This rose vodka tonic only needs one additional ingredient to take it from a regular mixed drink, to something really special.

Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - pink cocktail in rocks glass, another glass in the background 

Because this Rose Vodka Tonic is so simple, it really needs to be done well. I know what you’re thinking, how hard can it be to mix a vodka tonic – and the answer is not very hard at all, as long as you know what you’re doing. When it comes to making cocktails, I will always advise to use the best quality ingredients because it does make a difference, but this is extra important when it comes to something as simple as vodka tonic. 

Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - pink cocktail in rocks glass with jigger on right

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The minimal ingredients in a Rose Vodka Tonic mean each part really has the opportunity to shine, so you need to ensure you use good quality ingredients if you want a good quality vodka tonic! We start with the vodka – using a good quality vodka is so important for your final drink, and what type of vodka you usually mostly depends on preference. For me, I will pretty much never use Russian vodka in any of my drinks, it just has no taste or personality to it and is just very harsh, it’s only real use is for making homemade liqueur and infused vodka. Polish vodka is my vodka of choice, Belvedere being my favourite brand. Polish vodka has much more personality to it, and a smooth taste – it can have a lot of different floral, almond, and vanilla undertones depending on the brand, and it is usually made from rye. As I said, Belvedere is my Polish vodka brand of choice, but it can be a bit on the pricey side depending on where you live (oddly, it’s usually cheaper in the US than in the UK). Zubrowka is another favourite Polish vodka of mine and it’s much more budget friendly, it’s made with Bison Grass and has a smooth taste, with some herbal notes. If you’re somebody who has always thought they didn’t like vodka, I recommend giving Polish vodka a try, you may be pleasantly surprised! As well as Polish vodkas, French vodkas such as Grey Goose or Ciroc are, while not my preference, objectively good choices. Texas also make a pretty good vodka called Tito’s and is a pretty decent price (although you may have trouble finding it in the UK).

Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - top view of pink cocktail in rocks glass, roses surround glass 

Frisky Summer Fruit Punch - a delicious fruit punch made with cucumber and apple bison grass vodka, prosecco and fruit. The perfect summer drink for parties, BBQ's and more. It's so quick and easy to make, you'll be making this punch all summer long!

Frisky Summer Punch

The tonic water you use in a vodka tonic is, perhaps, more important than the vodka as it makes up more of the drink. I cannot stress enough how important a good quality tonic is in order to make a delicious vodka tonic – something cheap like Schweppes is just all sugar and nothing good. My personal recommendations for tonic are either Fever Tree or  Fentimans, you’ll pay a little more but it is definitely worth it. As for the vodka tonic ratio, this is mostly a matter of preference – but although you’ll want to use more tonic than vodka, you don’t want to completely hide the vodka under a waterfall of tonic, don’t hide that vodka! The vodka tonic ratio I like to go for is 1:2 – for every shot of vodka, I use two shots of tonic, and this is the ratio this Rose Vodka Tonic recipe uses. If you’re unsure, I recommend starting off with this ratio and then you can add a little more tonic as needed to suit your tastes.

Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - rocks glass with a pink liquid, rose petals surround with a jigger and stirring spoon 

This Rose Vodka Tonic obviously does not just stop at the vodka tonic ingredients, we are elevating this classic mixed drink with some rose liqueur. Rose liqueur is something you can easily make at home, but I’ve not done so yet – once I have, I’ll be linking to the recipe in this post. For now, I use this brand {affiliate link} which I really like. The addition of rose liqueur seems so obvious, I can’t believe it took me so long to try it – the delicate floral notes really marry well with the smooth vodka and bitter tonic. Of course, any good vodka tonic needs a garnish – I usually go for a lime wedge over lemon, but in this Rose Vodka Tonic a lemon wheel is definitely the better choice as that mild tartness it adds really works well with the floral rose liqueur.

 Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - top view of pink cocktail in rocks glass, roses surround glass

This Rose Vodka Tonic is a great mixed drink to serve at any time (it’s been my Friday night choice of libation for a couple weeks now), but it’s particularly suited to special occasions due to how pretty it is, it’s really special flavours, and the fact it is so simple to make! The gorgeous colour and delicate floralness (totally a word) makes it perfect to serve at Fox and Briar’s Virtual Baby Shower. Plus, compared to a lot of your fancy cocktails with sugar syrups or fruit juices, the Rose Vodka Tonic calories are pretty on the low side – this Rose Vodka Tonic comes in at approximately 215 calories. So, without further ado, let’s get mixing!


Rose Vodka Tonic Mixed Drink Cocktail - above view of cocktail in rocks glass with rose, jigger and stirrer surrounding, square cropped

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Rose Vodka & Tonic



Yield 1 drinks

This Rose Vodka Tonic is a delicious upgrade on the classic Vodka Tonic mixed drink! With Rose Liqueur, it’s delicately floral and perfect for bridal and baby showers, brunch, and Mother’s Day! 


  • 1oz good quality vodka
  • 1oz rose liqueur
  • 2.5oz good quality tonic water (such as Fentimans or Fever Tree)
  • ice
  • 1/2 lemon wheel and rose petal to garnish


  1. Fill a rocks glass half way with ice
  2. Pour over the vodka and rose liqueur, and gently stir to combine
  3. Pour over tonic water
  4. Run the lemon wheel around the rim of the glass then drop in the drink
  5. Garnish with a food safe rose petal


Calories are an estimate generated by a third party app.

Courses Brunch

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 drink

Amount Per Serving

Calories 215

% Daily Value

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

 Please join me in raising a glass to Meghan, Mr Briar, and Baby Briar! Some more awesome bloggers are making some delicious recipes to bring along to the Virtual Baby Shower Brunch, please do check them out and join the celebrations. 

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  1. Tamara Andersen says:

    What a gorgeous spread! My mouth is watering! Your Rose Vodka Tonic is beyond gorgeous, and I’d love to tip one up with my Beet and Gin Cured Salmon… Cheers to our friend Meghan, Daddy, and baby!

  2. Jane Saunders says:

    This drink sounds stunningly good. I enjoyed reading about vodka in your write-up too, I’ve just opened my first bottle of Polish Vodka last weekend and with a trip to Gdansk coming up for me, I might have to see what I’m allowed to bring back.

    I love our circle of blogger friends too – they really do make all the difference.

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