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Rose Vodka & Tonic

This Rose Vodka Tonic is a delicious upgrade on the classic Vodka Tonic mixed drink! With Rose Liqueur, it’s delicately floral and perfect for bridal and baby showers, brunch, and Mother’s Day! This easy mixed drink is one of my favourite vodka tonic recipe variations, and is so easy to make. This amazing Rose Vodka Tonic cocktail is to celebrate an even more amazing blogger, Meghan from Fox and Briar, and the birth of her beautiful baby boy! Welcome to Fox and Briar’s Virtual Baby Shower!

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If you haven’t discovered Meghan’s blog yet, stop what you’re doing and head over now – if you love good food that is easy to make (who doesn’t?!), Fox and Briar is the blog for you! From tacos, to breakfast, to cocktails, to desserts, and more! Today, some amazing bloggers and I are celebrating Meghan and the birth of her baby boy (make sure you check out the other’s bloggers recipe at the end of this post) with a Virtual Baby Shower Brunch! Since we can’t throw her one in person, and we really wanted mark this wonderful occasion, a Virtual Baby Shower seemed like the next best thing. As a food blogger, and a woman, I am so grateful to have these wonderful ladies in my life to support me and and lift me up (in both blog life and the rest of my life) – I honestly couldn’t do this blogging thing without them! So, when one of our own brings a new life into the world, we have to celebrate together!

Congratulations Meghan and Mr Briar, you’re going to make the best parents, and we sure know this little bundle of cuteness is going to be fed very well!

Collage of recipe photos from Fox and Briar!

Recipes from Fox and Briar!

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Holiday Gin and Tonic

This Holiday Gin and Tonic is full of the festive flavours of cranberry and clementine, and it’s made with sweet sloe gin. It’s the perfect cocktail to serve over the holidays as it’s easy to mix and a gorgeous, festive colour. This is going to be your new favourite G&T.

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This Holiday Gin and Tonic is full of the festive flavours of cranberry and clementine - one bauble glass in focus, with red gin and tonic and rosemary 

There are few things I enjoy more than coming up with delicious and creative new cocktail recipes, from twists on the classics to my own original creations. With that being said, sometimes a simple classic mixed drink is exactly what I want and need, and a gin and tonic is definitely somewhere near the top of my list of favourites. The fragrant botanicals of the gin, the bitter quinine of the tonic, and the citrus burst from the lemon or lime twist is just a winning combination. It’s a great drink to serve at any occasion. But, because it’s Christmas, I decided to dress it up a little for the festive season, and this Holiday Gin and Tonic was born!

This Holiday Gin and Tonic is full of the festive flavours of cranberry and clementine - two bauble glasses with red gin and tonic, in martini glasses

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Chocolate and Raspberry Vodka Tonic

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

Happy 1st Birthday to Fiesta Friday!!! 52 weeks of an awesome virtual pot luck party, the only place to be every Friday! And after 52 weeks it’s only getting better. If you haven’t partied with us before, today is the day – because we’re having a party within a party! And even better than that, it’s a two week long party. This week it’s happy hour time, so there’s going to be plenty of appetizers, finger foods and of course cocktails! Next week the party will continue with main dishes and desserts! So come celebrate with us, whether it’s your 1st Fiesta Friday or your 52nd, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and you’ll have a great time,   I promise. Our fab co hosts for part 1 of the party are Hilda and Julianna.  Join up with the party here 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

I am bringing this awesome cocktail to the First Fiesta Friday Anniversary Block Party – because what’s a party without a cocktail or 5! When I brainstorming on what to make for the party I knew it needed to be something sweet, it’s what I do best after all. And I think our wonderful host, Angie, might appreciate how I happened upon these ingredients as I know she impulse buys random things in the store because she *might* find a use for them, just like I do – that’s how I got the two main ingredients for this cocktail! There’s a small international section in the mini Tesco by my house and I also browse it to see if there’s anything fun looking, and I found this bottle of raspberry syrup, I think it’s Polish but I’m not 100% sure, I picked it up because I thought it looked cool and I was sure I’d find a use for it – cue it sitting in my cupboard for 6 months unopened! Then when I was in Atlanta over Christmas, I went to the liquor store to pick up some bottles of wine and at the checkout they had little bottles of flavoured vodka, as soon as I saw the chocolate vodka I picked up one – chocolate and vodka, what’s not to love?! And again my rationalisation was “I’m sure I can find a use for it!” 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

When I thought about cocktails I could make from the chocolate vodka and raspberry my mind immediately went to a cream based cocktail, it seemed to make the most sense. But the inspiration this chocolate and raspberry vodka tonic came when I was enjoying my regular vodka tonic. Vodka tonic with a lime wedge is my favourite drink but it has to be good quality vodka, and it has to be polish. My favourite is Belvedere by far, I always pick up a bottle at duty free! A chocolate vodka tonic definitely sounded like a good idea to me, especially combined with raspberry syrup and with the addition of a little fresh lime juice and you have every flavour profile a cocktail needs – sweet, bitter and sour! It’s a simple cocktail to put together, but it will definitely impress your friends. And it’s perfect for a big party like this! 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

I’m no mixologist and cocktails definitely aren’t my area of any kind of expertise, but I knew if I got the right levels of sweetness from the syrup and vodka, the bitter edge to the tonic would make for a delicious cocktail. You don’t even need any fancy cocktail wear to make it, no shaker needed. You will want something mix it up, but even a spoon will do. Since this is a stirred drink, the amount of ice you use isn’t too important as it’s not used to dilute the drink – you just need enough to keep it nice and cold. 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

I’d never heard of this brand of vodka before and while it’s no Belvedere it was very tasty, if you can get your hands on some chocolate vodka I would definitely recommend it trying it! It has a bit of chocolate sauce taste to it which blended really nicely with the raspberry syrup. If you can’t get your hands on chocolate vodka right now, I would definitely recommend trying this with regular vodka I’m going to be adding raspberry syrup to my regular vodka tonics much more often – but please use good vodka, drinks are just like anything else, the better quality your ingredient the better it will taste! 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic by Giraffes Can Bake


This drink is not only great for this fab party, but with that beautiful pink colour and the chocolate theme it’ll be perfect to serve on Valentine’s Day – whether you’re spending it with a significant other or having drinks with your single friends! I’m certainly going to pour one for myself on February 14th! 

Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic

So, get your party shoes on and grab a cocktail, there’s lots to see and taste! I can’t wait to see what everyone else has brought to the party, cheers! 

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Chocolate Raspberry Vodka Tonic


Chocolate and Raspberry Vodka Tonic
A delicious cocktail made with chocolate flavoured vodka, perfect for Valentine's Day and any party!
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  1. Ice
  2. 25ml Chocolate Vodka
  3. 25ml Raspberry Syrup
  4. Tonic Water
  5. 2 Lime Wedges
  6. Fresh Raspberries (optional)
  1. Add ice to a tall glass, filling halfway full
  2. Pour over vodka and syrup, fill up with tonic water.
  3. Squeeze lime wedges into glass before dropping them in glass
  4. Garnish with fresh raspberries if desired, serve with stirrer to mix drink.
  1. If you don't have stirrers, be sure to stir drink before serving
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