Bounty Coconut Chocolates

Bounty Coconut Truffles

 Hello from Atlanta! Well, technically Kennesaw these days, but I’m not here to fuss around on technicalities! I love the city, I love cities in general, I’m definitely the kind of person that prefers to be surrounded by tall buildings and lots of people over countryside and nature! But as much as I love the city, I have to admit it is beautiful up here in the ‘burbs. I’m staying at Leah’s mum’s house and it’s gorgeous, it’s a beautiful house in beautiful surroundings – hopefully in my next post I’ll include a few photographs for you, because it is lovely up here. The weather has become much warmer than it has been here too, I’m choosing to believe I brought the warmth with me as the temperature has apparently dropped a lot in the UK since I left on Monday!

Bounty Coconut Truffles

I did intend for this post to be out on Wednesday, but I was having a bit of bloggers block and combined with how exhausted travelling had left me (I was travelling for 20 hours, no fun!) it just wasn’t happening. But it’s all worked out in the end, because today is Fiesta Friday which is the best day of the week! It’s even better this week (for me, that is) because I am co-hosting the party for the first time! When Angie asked me if I’d like to co-host, I pretty much tripped over myself to say yes! I can say with all honesty that Fiesta Friday is the best link party out there, and if you haven’t joined yet let today be your first, I guarantee fun! Fiesta Friday is a great way to gain exposure for your blog and posts, lots of bloggers link up every single week who will be coming over to see your wonderful posts – but I think the best thing about Fiesta Friday is how social it is, everybody is so friendly and welcoming whether it’s your first link up or your 45th! We’re not just here for exposure, we’re here to make friends and have fun! 

Bounty Coconut Truffles


I’ll be co-hosting with MB from Bourbon & Brown Sugar, which is also pretty exciting – I absolutely adore her blog, it’s always full of the yummiest looking recipes, I mean look at these Pumpkin, Chocolate & Toasted Hazelnut Scones or this Pumpkin, Bourbon & Ginger Cookie Ice Cream Cake or this No-Churn Bourbon & Brown Sugar Ice Cream – are you drooling yet?? Trust me to pick out a bunch of sweet recipes, she has some wonderful savoury recipes too don’t worry, like this Mexican Pot Roast or this Chipotle Cinnamon Chilli with Cocoa yum, yum yum! 

So have a little read of the guidelines and come party with us all at Fiesta Friday #45! All you have to do is publish your post, link it back to Angie’s blog (and mine & MB’s if you like) so your followers know where to find the party too and we know you’ve arrived! Tag your post with “Fiesta Friday” too so other partiers can find your post in the blogosphere! If you adhere to our guidelines your post could also be picked to be a feature next week, which gets you even more exposure and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Most of the posts shared at the party are food related, you can bring anything along you like as long as it’s your own – fashion, lifestyle, music, anything goes (just keep it family friend πŸ˜‰ ). I can’t wait to see you there, if you have any questions just pop me a comment! 

Click me to join the party!

Click me to join the party!


Bounty Coconut Truffles

Now, let me tell you a little about the yummy treats I’m bringing along to the party this week! Bounty chocolates – they’re so, so easy to make, I’m a little bit obsessed with them. I may have eaten the whole batch in a day! For you US partiers, a bounty is the same as a Mound (or an almond joy, minus the almond). Actually, in the UK Bounty’s are generally made with milk chocolate but you can get a dark chocolate version, and I made these with dark chocolate because I like the contrast better. These chocolates only have three ingredients, that’s right, just three! And with no baking needed, they’re so simple to put together, you’ll never want to buy yourself a Bounty/Mound again! You can, of course, make these into little bars to make them more like the chocolate bar but I thought they’d be so much cuter as little chocolates (plus you can pretend you didn’t eat so much when they’re little!)

Bounty Coconut Truffles


Making them in little chocolates makes it a little cleaner too, you can just use an ice cream scoop instead of your hands. They’re not the neatest looking treats I’ll admit, maybe you’ll have a little more success in presentation but it’s the taste that counts anyway! Technically you should really temper the chocolate so you get that nice shine, but no matter how hard I try and how many tutorials I read on how to temper chocolate I cannot do it! It always fails miserably (and yes, I do have a candy thermometer, I have no excuse!), I tried to temper the chocolate when I made these and it ruined the chocolates (I still ate them all, but they looked terrible and definitely not blog worthy!). So if you’re more skilled at chocolate work than me, by all means temper the chocolate, but don’t worry if you don’t you can just join my dull chocolate club! 

Bounty Coconut Truffles


There’s plenty of these little coconut chocolates to go around, so help yourself as you visit everybody, a little sugar rush to keep you going! I can’t wait to see what everybody has brought along, have a great weekend πŸ™‚ 

Bounty Coconut Chocolates
Yields 20
Sweet coconut chocolates that taste just like Bounty bars/Mounds
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  1. 200g desiccated coconut
  2. 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (397g can)
  3. 200g dark chocolate
  1. Put the coconut in a medium bowl. Add half of the condensed milk and stir together.
  2. Add the rest of the milk a little at a time, stirring in between. You may not need the entire can, so just add a little at a time until the coconut is easy to clump together - you want it to be wet, but not sloppy.
  3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and, using a small ice cream scoop, scoop out balls of the coconut mix and place on the sheet. You can place them close together, but not touching.
  4. Place in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours, until firm enough to gently handle (they'll still be sticky and fairly delicate).
  5. Melt the chocolate using your preferred method (I usually use the microwave) or temper if you wish.
  6. Use a fork or a spoon to dip the coconut balls in the chocolate, either roll around or pour chocolate over to ensure they're all covered.
  7. Place back on the parchment paper and leave to set in a cool place. You can put them in the fridge, but I wouldn't recommend it as if you leave them in the fridge too long the coconut will get too hard and dry.
  1. Store covered in cool, dry place for 3-5 days.
  2. They're easily customised to your tastes - add almonds to make almond joy chocolates. Or add any other flavourings you'd like - cardamom would be amazing
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  1. Angie says:

    Hi there, co-host! So happy to see you finally at the fiesta. Now I can relax. You take over, ok? Your Bounty Truffles are to die for! Honestly, I’ll much on these all day long. I don’t need anything else! πŸ˜€

  2. Suzanne says:

    Whenever I get a box of assorted chocolates I pick out the coconut one, love these Michelle and thanks for co hosting FF#45. I’ll be hanging out by these.

    • Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake says:

      Honestly the jet lag isn’t too bad this way round, it’s actually pretty beneficial for me because I have mild insomnia and am normally awake until 4am, but now I’m 5 hours ahead I’m actually falling asleep by midnight! Flying back to the UK does kill me with jet lag though πŸ™

  3. Julianna says:

    What an awesome treat for the holiday season! And it has 2 of my favourite ingredients on the planet! Thanks so much for co-hosting us after such a long trip! We really appreciate it! Happy Fiesta Friday to you! πŸ˜€

  4. Ginger says:

    They look amazing – a real labour of love πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for co-hosting Fiesta Friday this week, you’re so right about what a great party it is!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Ginger x

  5. Hilda says:

    I’m unable to make anything for this week’s FF but that doesn’t stop me from dropping by to say ‘hi’ and see what recipes await me. This one is a keeper and a great inspiration for more like it.

  6. Justine says:

    I love Mounds (or Bounty haha). I remember speaking with some people from England and they mentioned Bountys and I had no clue what they were talking about, until we found out what the American equivalent was. These look so yummy! I would love to try making them myself πŸ™‚

  7. Justine says:

    ooh la la we are getting treated here big time at blog party with your amazing recipe and the location where you are looks stunning. You must be a bit jet lagged? And also hosting Fiesta Friday, wow you are going to be such a busy lady over the next couple of days. It is still Thursday here so I will be posting my FF entry tomorrow πŸ™‚ Big hugs to you, I would eat these but i fear my skillset won’t extend to actually making it, any spare to share? grins…thank you for the 2nd entry, really appreciate πŸ™‚ x

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